The Heart Wants What It Wants


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In a few days, it will be Thanksgiving. Last year my sister and I spent Thanksgiving exploring Washington, D.C. We had a great time. This year, I am planning to go to Dallas, Texas on Thanksgiving. (This will be my 5th trip out of town this year.) I have heard that Thanksgiving is the worst day of the year to fly but if anyone could handle it,it would be me.  Who am I kidding; it is going to be a fucking zoo. I’ll probably end up drinking at one of the airport bars with the other schmucks traveling on Thanksgiving hating their lives.

taylor-swift-blank-space-music-video-insane (1)

So why am I going to Dallas? I am going to visit my ex-fiancé, Greg. We broke up 2 ½ years ago and it is safe to say it has not been good between us since. He refused to speak to me for two years. I dated other people since but I never really got over him. I use to pray to God that if it was mean to be please bring him back into my life and if not please help me to heal and move on. Then in June I heard from him out of the blue. He was in Greer, SC for a work trip, which was 2 hours away from Charlotte, NC. He invited me to come see him. So against my better judgment, I hopped in my car and drove to see him. Seeing him after 2 years seemed like no time had passed at all. We have always had instant chemistry.  We meet in college during the end of my junior year. It was the same day as Will and Kate’s royal wedding. I had met his roommate in group therapy and that day we had met up and he asked me if I wanted to watch T.V. We went to his apartment and his roommate, Greg, was watching Smallville.  I then had a Taylor Swift “I know You Were Trouble” moments. We had instant chemistry. We use to joke that he did not even have to get off the couch to meet me.  But back in June, things went well until they didn’t. We had a good time and then when I was leaving he Taylor Swifted me and told me We were never like ever getting back together. I was devastated and again he refused to talk to me after that. I was extremely depressed for several weeks. Then as if he sensed that I was getting over it, he contacted me again. We have been talking on and off since. We agreed that I would visit for Thanksgiving.  He still says we are not getting back together.

selena-gomez-crying-the-heart-wants-what-it-wants-music-video-8-gifSo why am I still going? First of all, I am a stubborn as a mule and have a PHD in D.U.M.B. Second, it is my fault that our engagement ended.  I was very young, stupid and I let my anxiety influence my actions. I feel terrible about that and in the past 2 ½ years I have done everything that I can do to make amends except going to Dallas. I don’t think that it will change anything but I feel like this is something I am strongly compelled to do. In the words of Selena Gomez “The Heart Wants What It Wants” and “Save your advice because I won’t hear it”.  I know that this is going to be a train wreaks but I don’t care.

Well I keep you guys post and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

My 15 Year-Old Cousin is Beating Me at Life!!!!




Last night I had dinner with my parents, my uncle Brian, Aunt Jules and my cousin Will. I have not seen my extended family in several years. My uncle was a Navy seal so he, my aunt and cousin have lived all over the world and they speak several languages. They are all very intelligent and well spoken. So being the friendly people that they are, they asked me what I what I was doing with my life and I turned into Hugh Grant playing the flustered British guy in any movie that he has even been in.  How do you spin “I most recently worked as a canvasser for the Republican Party, a monkey could do this this. I have also completely given up on life. Oh and to add the icing on the cake, I can’t manage to get any job including being a Christmas elf at the mall.”? I did not say it in those words but it did not go well. It is really embarrassing to be 25 years old and a barely functional mess.  My cousin Will on the other hand is 15 years old and getting ready to take college classes in addition to his already full plate of school, volunteering, and  being a Boy Scout. How is my cousin able to get it together but I can’t?

I got drunk and attempted to watch Princess Diaries 2 on Netflix


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kristen wigg

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( Wise words from Julie Andrews)

I got drunk and decided to watch the Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement on Netflix.  I am not sure why because I am alone and bitter. Let me set the scene I have already finished a bottle of white wine and now I am on to a bottle of red. Ok, this 2004 classic stars the beautiful Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews.  Mia has graduated college. She is planning to step up as queen. What kind of county is named Genovia . (What a dumb county name she could not think of anything better. I am drunk and I can think of like eight other names.)  Julie Andrews makes this movie tolerable. Anna Hathaway was so young in this movie. So her people are celebrating her 21 birthday party in her homeland and she has to dance with princes. (Yes, because every girl does not dream of dancing with a prince.) OMG it’s that’s so Raven, maybe she can see Mia’s future. Then she meets Chris Pine AKA Nickolas and they awkwardly dance. But then there this creepy kid tries interrupts their dance and tried to molest Anne Hathaway. (Disney must be stopped!) Mia gets all Nancy drew and spies on parliament as they get their wigs in a bunch because a princess has to get married before taking the crown. The old men in wigs decided that Mia has 30 days to get married or forfeit the crown.( Oh, no they didn’t) Mia is tots upsets. (Sweetheart, life is not fair and it is not exactly every girls’ nightmare to marry a prince.) Then there is this creepy dude that is trying to steal the thrown for his nephew because that is somehow better? So this creepy guy and his nephew come to stay at the place. Mia is stunned that it is her man meat Chris Pine AKA Nicolaus. Then she gets a suite and she has a walk in closet mall.( Girl got more bling then Beyoncé.)  She gets a royal matchmaker to find her a sexy husband. She gets set up with this cute guy and they walk on the beach and play bad mitten.  Then cute royal dude gives her a film canister with his grandmother’s engagement ring inside. (Aww, cue tears) Then creepy guy persuaded his sexy nephew, Chris Pine to woo Mia. Then they do this awkward flirty thing that kind of makes me want to throw up the cheese that I just ate. They are in a closet? I have no idea what is happening. Joseph proposed to the queen? Scandalous… She continues princess lessons with Julie Andrews. She has a fake leg to side saddle. Creepy guy gets this guy to startle her horse. I’m sorry I would rather kill myself then watch the rest of this movie.

Kim Kardashian Breaks the Internet?


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Today Kim Kardashian set the internet a buzz.  Kim Kardashian shows off her famous booty for the cover of PAPER magazine.  It is being said that she did the photos for free. At the bottom of the photo it says “Breaking the internet Kim Kardashian.”  (To be fair if anyone could break the internet, I would bet on Kim Kardashian.) The photos were a recreation of a photo shot by Jean-Paul Goude entitled “Champagne Incident.”  These photos are everywhere on the internet. There are many memes. My personal favorite is the one with Miley Cyrus.  It also seems many celebrities have something to say. Chelsea Handler showed her support by posting her own booty picture on Instagram.  Lorde also tweeted in support the Kim Kardashian’s photos. Naya Rivera took to Instagram to respond to the photo saying “I normally don’t. But…you’re someone’s mother…”

Thoughts:  I don’t really understand why this is causing so much buzz.  She had a sex tape a few years ago and she has had pervious risqué photos in magazines showing off her assets, so it not anything new. That being said she looks great and seems happy so good for her.

So it’s gonna be forever or it’s gonna go down in flames…


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So it’s gonna be forever

Or it’s gonna go down in flames

You can tell me when it’s over

If the high was worth the pain

-Taylor Swift, ” Blank Space”

As a girl that is both young and foolish, the simple answer is yes. In the end it did go down flames and the high was worth the pain. I got the scars on my heart to prove it. -Lor


Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” Music Video Review


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I just picked my jaw off the floor after watching Taylor Swift’s new music video for her song “Blank Space”. I never thought that I could love T-Swizzle any more than I already do but I can. I love the song and the music video. I think that Taylor Swift’s new music is a bit more edgy and pop. The music video is beautifully done. Taylor looks beautiful. I love her wardrobe. This video is insane. It starts out with this cute guy pulling up to a mansion in a nice car. Did I see a cameo by Olivia Benson? The guy and Taylor fall in love. They are dancing, walking dogs, riding bikes, and riding horses. Then he is texting another girl. Then Taylor goes crazy. Taylor cuts up clothes, burns clothes, throws he phone in a fountain, stabs pictures and cakes and takes a golf club to his car. (Very Carrie Underwood) She plays crazy really well. My favorite part is when she is taking an axe to a tree and it turns into a slap fight with a tree. (Taylor showed that tree who is boss.) Then he drives away and another guy pulls up. This music video was defiantly entertaining to watch.

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s new music video?

Letting go does not mean you stop caring. It means you stop trying to force others to. -Mandy Hale


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fallMy sister is in town from Raleigh, North Carolina. Today we went to visit the house where we grew up in Tega Cay. We reminisced about growing up there. Like sledding on the golf course when it snowed and walking to the community pool in the summer. It’s hard to believe how much time has pasted. Then we visited the townhouse that we lived in high school and through college. This is a picture of the fountain near the townhouse. Sometimes remembering the past can be painful but the past is in the past and all we can do is move majestically forward.




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Carrie Underwood


Isn’t Carrie Underwood the cutest pregnant women ever?  Mrs. Underwood stunned at the CMT music awards. She wore a blush colored Randi Rahm baby doll dress with embellishments under the bust. She paired this with sandals. Also I would like to point out her hair looks amazing.

Miranda Lambert


Lovely Miranda wore a blush colored, low cut, 20’s style Bibhu Mohapatra gown. The grown was well fitted and flattering.  She paired the gown with dangling diamond earrings, two diamond brackets and a clutch purse. She completed the look with retro waves and a bright red lip. I like the look; it is a little bit different than her usual style. It is very old Hollywood and she looks great.

Rita Ora


I think that Ria Ora has the voice of a song bird but this outfit is making me gag. In high school, I was in a production of the Sound of Music, there is a scene in the musical where Maria uses curtains to make the children play clothes. It looks like Rita Ora ripped up a clearance couch to make this ensemble.  Besides the fabric being hideous the outfit is ill fitted and makes her look bigger than she is.  The pants make her legs look shorter. The clear sandals shoes remind me of the 90’s and not in a good way.

Anne Hathway


I’m not really sure what to say (Just Kidding.) It looks like a knitting project gone terribly wrong.  It looks like her stylist went to a knitting 101 class at the local senior center and took two half-finished projects and safety pined them together. It is just not very flattering on her. On the plus side her hair and makeup are flawless.  She looks a bit like Krysten Ritter.


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