Forever Pilot Review


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The episode was narrated by the main character Dr. Henry Morgan, played by Ioan Gruffudd. He has a sexy British ascent and is like Sherlock Holmes and picks up on everything. 200 hundred years ago, He was shot on a ship protecting a slave, he died but came back. Every time he dies he comes back naked and in water. He can feel pain. The only person that knows his secret is Abe, a baby that he found during the World War II. He works at the medical examiner’s office in New York.

He was involved in a train crash. He was killed in the crash but comes back. 15 people were killed in the crash including the train conductor. Henry performed the autopsy on the train conductor and determined that it was poison. He then met Detective Jo Martinez, the detective on the case and informed her it was murder not a heart attack. Then he got a mysterious call from an unknown caller that said he knew his secret.

He freaked out over the phone call and wanted to run. Abe convinced him to stay and fight back. Detective Martinez was looking through security footage before the train crash and sees that Henry was on the train. She suspected that he was responsible for the poisoning of the conductor and brought him in for questioning. Detective Martinez quickly realized that he was not involved with the crash. Then Henry got an envelope with no postage and inside was a picture of him and his wife, Abigail from 1955 and a newspaper clipping of the train crash. He comes to the conclusion that whoever send it to him caused the accident to prove that he could not die. He injects the poisoned blood of the train conductor into his blood stream to determine the type of poison.

He determined that it was Aconite poisoning. He found an injection point behind the conductor’s ear and a finger print. Detective Martinez ran the print and found out it belong to Hans Koehler. She and Henry go to Han’s house and found poisoned rats, Aconite plants and a lab. Hans found them snooping around his place and threw Aconite poison on Detective Martinez’s hand to get away. Henry poured ethanol on the poison and lit it on fire. He put it out in water, saving her life. The police investigated the scene and realized that Hans caused the crash because the conductor killed his wife at Grand Central Station. Henry determined that his next target was Grand Central Station and that Hans was planning to make the Aconite soluble to put it in the AC system. Detective Martinez and Henry got to Hans just in time. Hans shot Detective Martinez. Henry and Hans struggled over the gun and then Hans shot Henry. While Henry was dying he pushes Hans off the roof. They both fell to the ground and died. Detective Martinez woke up in the hospital and saw Henry unharmed. He told her the Hans had committed suicide and jumped off the roof. Then the mysterious caller called and told Henry that he also lives forever and hangs up.

Thoughts: I watch a lot of crime shows and I think compare to the other crime shows out there, this one is mediocre at best. That being said it was only the pilot. There are a lot of successful shows that have mediocre first seasons and keep getting better in later seasons. My favorite example is  Dynasty, season one was good but it did not become an obsession until Joan Collins joined the show in season 2. On the other hand  if the first season is a home run and it is all downhill from there until it is canceled. Example: I loved season one of The O.C but it slowly got worse after that. Hopefully Forever will follow in Dynasty‘s footsteps.

It is interesting that he lives forever but not a vampire or something. (He could be I don’t know.) I think that this show has the potential to be really good but the first episode did not blow me away. Hopefully the case in the next episode will be more interesting. I may watch it if a rerun of The Big Bang Theory is not on.

R.I.P Orange Cat


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When I moved in with my old roommate, she had two cats. Brown cat and Orange cat. ( They had real named but these were my nickname for them.) I was not crazy about them at first but them grew on me. Orange cat was always curious and liked to get in to everything especially my food. He liked to sit on top of the sofa and look out of the window. He was a sweet and loving cat. He loved attention. Orange cat recently was put down due to his health conditions. Orange cat, I love you and miss you. R.I.P Orange cat. IMG_1540-0.JPG

Move Over ” Scandal”, There is A New Political Drama in Town


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I am not in to politics. I think I have only voted once. My sister on the other hand is obsessed with politics. She is actually working a a political campaign in North Carolina right now. We both love ” House of Cards” on Netflix and ” Scandel”. We are from South Carolina. I think it is hilarious that Frank Underwood is a democrat from South Carolina. South Carolina hates democrats to much we would rather elect someone that admitted to using tax dollars to fly to Argentina to see his mistress than a democrat. South Carolina was ranked the second worst state to get an education in this year, maybe that sheds some light on the situations. This is the extent of my political knowledge but I love political dramas.

Tonight I watched the premier of ” Madame Secretary” staring Tea Leoni. I am glad I don’t have any heart problems because my heart was beating fast. It was so INTENSE! It was only the first episode and there was already murder, conspiracy theories and lots of sass. Tea Leoni plays a Secretary of State that refuse to play by anyone else rules but her own. She does not fit in to the conventional White House system so she does things her own way. She saves the day doing things her own way and everyone is impressed. This seems so Cliché I don’t know what to say. I like that the show portrays a strong woman and she just wants to do the right thing but I just wish the plot was a little more original. Although I found the main character more stale then three day old bread the political part was intense. I suddenly had an urge to read a news paper and maybe have some idea about what is going on in the world. I may or may not watch
another episode of the show.

Happy Birthday!


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Today is my 25th birthday. I can’t believe I am a quarter of a century old. When I was younger, I thought by 25 I would have a career, my own apartment and be married. Unfortunately it did not work out like that. I have a temp job and live with a roommate and her freeloader boyfriend. Also my dating life is a mess. I can’t get past the first date. Maybe the first 25 years have not turned out like I thought but I’m trying. Since I’m 25 years old ( a real adult) I have some things I would like to do over the next year.

1. Get a job that offers health insurance When I turn 26 years old I can no long be covered under my parents health insurance plan.

2. Quit Mountain Dew I have written about this before. I am addicted to Mountain Dew. It is terrible for my health yet I keep drinking it. I am going to try to drink more water.

3. Find Love I have dating since I was fifteen , where is mister right. I am tied of dating toads. I hope 25 treats me better than 24.

4.I accept my dad is a piece of shit. My dad is a liar, cheater and always puts his family last. For years I have let my Dad’s behavior hurt me but I’m done. I love him because he is my Father but except he will never be my dad.

5. To all my exs , if you came around again, it is going to be bad for your health. If any of my exes (Greg) come around again just to hurt my again, I’m done.

I am 25 and am done dealing with the same old shit. Although I am angry, I am grateful for my mom who keeps me sane, brown cat and my step dad, who kicks me in the ass when I need it. I am looking forward to being 25 and seeing where life takes me. I want to thank everyone that read my blog and the supportive comments.

Getting Stood Up and Quitting


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stood up

I had a date on Saturday at Mac’s Speed shop for BBQ and drinks but I got stood up. We made plans for a Saturday night on Wednesday and texted each other throughout the day on Thursday and Friday. Everything seems good and I was excited for the date. Saturday I did not hear from him so in the afternoon a few hours before the date, I texted him. I just wanted to make sure that we were still on. I never heard from him, so I did not go to Mac’s Speed Shop. I tried to call him at the time we were supposed to meet and he hung up on me. Today is Monday and I still have not heard from him. I can’t believe this guy. It is pathetic that a 36 year-old man could not send a text message saying he is not showing up. It is not the Stone Age. Everyone has a cell phone and it would have taken less than 30 seconds to send a text.

buffalo-bill-silence-of-the-lambs-g I think that and I are parting ways. I don’t think that it is worth the cost. It is not very user friendly like other dating sites like Plenty of Fish. The messaging is slow and the online chatting option is constantly messing up. The quality of daters is crappy. I was hoping that by paying for an online dating service it would attract a guy looking for a relationship. Sadly it is not the case. I have been on Match about two months and I have had zero luck. All of the guys that I have met are either looking for a one night stand, live with their parents, have drug problems or just weird. If I was just looking for a booty call with a drug addict, I would answer a Craigslist ad. At least it would be free. I would not recommend to anyone.

6 Signs Your Date is Not Going Well.


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sex and the city

I went on a date Friday night with a guy that I met on He was a 37-year old DJ/ customer service representative. Physically, he was my type to a T. We went to Crave the dessert bar in Charlotte. I was excited about the date. I spent over an hour on my hair and makeup. I wore a cute dress and a pair of black heals. I really wanted to make a good impression so I pulled out all of the stops.  I was even 20 minutes early. It did not go as well I would have hoped.

  1. Timber, You better move! We met up in the parking area near the restaurant. He was very cute. We had to walk up a few flights of stairs and down a cobbled street to get to the restaurant. My heel got caught between the cobble stones and I tripped and fell right in front of the restaurant. I skinned my knee and my shin pretty bad. I was so embarrassed. I kept saying I was fine.
  2. Being a Fifth Wheel is never Fun. We sat down at a four top and he sat beside me instead of across from me which was a little odd for me.  Then it turned out that some of his friends were at the table beside us.  They were chatting and taking shots. It was awkward for me because they kind of pretended like I was not there. His friends left and we moved to a booth and finally had a chance to get to know each other.
  3. He is hung up on his EX. Within a few minutes, he started to tell me about his ex-girlfriend that he had broken up with three weeks ago. He told me that all she did was drink and party. He only dated her so long because she had a miscarriage last September. (It was kind of awkward.)
  4. He parties like it is the 1980’s.Then I tried to change the subject and asked he were he went to school. Then he told me that he flunked out of school his first semester and his second semester he snorted his tuition ( $25,000) up his nose. He has several back teeth missing.
  5. He calls his roommates Mom and Dad. His guy was 37 years old and had lived for his parents for three years. He said that he did not work for three years because his parents did not make him. Umm…ok
  6. Extra Terrestrial. My lovely date told me that he thought that he was an alien. (At this point in the date I ordered a much stronger drink.)He told me that he was really good at manipulating people. (Obviously he is really good at manipulating his parents, but I don’t that makes him an alien.)

This date was interesting to say the least. I actually had a good time. I really wish I could meet someone perfect for me but in the mean time I feel like I am lucky that I get to meet so many unique people. It really puts things into perspective.

Friday Night Date and 3 Tips on How Not to Crash and Burn on a First Date


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Happy Friday Readers! Today I am still applying for jobs like crazy. I am really excited because I have a date tonight. I usually write about my dates after the date but then I thought why not. On the plus side if I get murdered by the guy the cops will have plenty of clues to find this guy because I put it on the internet. (I don’t think that this guy is going to murder me)
The Guy

David Guetta

(I love David Guetta. He is like the hottest DJ I know)

I met this guy on (I gave up on Plenty of Fish. It did not go well. Remember Rob? Never like ever again) He is 37 years old which is a little bit young me. He is definitely not the Sir Sean Connery type I am looking for but since I have not had many dates recently, I thought I would give the guy a chance. Ok, the guy that I am meeting tonight is a DJ and has a YouTube channel. I was hoping to date a guy with a stable job like an accountant, lawyer, or IT specialist, but a DJ how interesting. (Who am I to judge I don’t even have a job.) This guy looks like a sexy Harry Potter with soul patch. (I don’t really like soul patches. It looks like pubic hair on your face which is not sexy. No offence to anyone with a soul patch it is just not my thing.)

The Place


We are going to meet at Crave the Dessert Bar in uptown Charlotte at 9:30 PM. I love Crave but you have to be a rocket scientist (or not legally blind) to figure out their parking. I really don’t like parking in parking garages to go to restaurants because I when I leave between Midnight and 2 AM I feel like my odds of getting rape, murder, killed go up a lot. That being said Crave has the perfect warm cozy decorum for a first date. They have delicious drinks and even better desserts. Last time I went there I had a candied bacon ice cream cookie. At first I thought that bacon and ice cream would be gross but it was amazing. I loved the combination of salty and sweet flavors and the texture of the crunchy bacon against the creamy vanilla ice cream. This time I would like to try s’mores platter. I love s’mores and I think that would be fun on a first date. (Disclaimer I have no affiliation with Crave; I am just a fat girl that loves desserts.)

How I plan to rock this date as opposed to crash and burn like my other dates

1. be prepared


I am not beautiful. I think may actually be a hobbit. I’m short and hair grows on my toes. (Wait, I don’t think that hobbits are real but if they were, I would be one.) It takes a lot of work to make myself to like a person and not look like a hobbit/toll. Normally when I am getting ready for a date I feel like I am running out of time and I miss things like filling in my eyebrows or shaving my toes. Than sometimes when I go on dates I’ll try to go for a “natural look.” No, just no because of the way that I look I have to put some serious effort into my makeup and clothing. Being ugly is so hard.

2. Lot of Alcohol


I would never say no to a sparkling wine from Domain Carnero but the alcohol is not for me but I will still have a glass of wine. I don’t want to get this guy drunk but I think that a shot would move me from a 5 to a 7on the attractiveness scale and my jokes would be funnier. (Makeup only does so much magic, folks.)

3. Be Normal

I am really weird and awkward kind of like Zoey Deschanel in The New Girl but way less attractive and more awkward. I am really awkward around other people and I say weird things. I don’t know why I am like this but I am. So wish me luck on my date. I am sure I will write about it later. If you are going on a date please ignore any of this advice.

Dating Naked Episode 108 Recap


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Dating Naked 2

This week’s episode of Dating Naked focused on Mike and Moenay. Mike was a guy from Philadelphia. He was an MC/ Radio Host/ in a band. (He looked like someone that would be on the Jersey Shore.) Moenay was a dancer on Cruise Ship. She was afraid to end up alone. Their first date was with each other and they went jet skiing. On the date they ate an octopus. ( Ewww!!)They got along well and shared a kiss good night.

Dating Naked 3

Mike’s second date was with Stephanie. She worked at a law office and had a cartoon like voice. They played games on the beach. He won her a bear. They both loved tequila. (I think they are soul mates. Lol) Moenay’s second date was with Dan. He was 42 years old and had some serious tan lines. Dan was a life coach. They went paddle boarding on their date. He was on high vibration energy. I did not know what he was talking about and Moenay did not either. (Is it like Scientology or is he completely cuckoo for coco puffs?) Back at the villa the singles hung out. Mike and Stephanie connect well and they spend the night together. Moenay did not any fun with old man Dan.

Dating Naked 4

Mike’s third date was with Shealyn. She had short red hair and tattoos. She was also very pale. They went on a golf cart ride to the beach. They did limbo and drink a lot. They decided they were more compatible as friends. Moenay’s third date chickened out because his mom said it would be embarrassing. (A) Finally someone with a lick of sense. B) What an asshole. I respect his decision to not want to date naked but then why come on the show and at the very last minute change his mind.) The host had to tell Moenay that her date bailed. Moenay tried to get Mike’s attention but it did not work. The next day Moenay talked to Mike and kissed him to change his mind. Moenay picked Mike. Mike picked Stephanie. (Basically what I have learned from this episode is that if you are ugly and don’t sleep with a guy on the first date, you are going to die alone.) Mike and Stephanie recorded a song together. (I would rather rip out my ear drums than listen to that song.) Moenay was asked by the show to come back on a future episode to give love another chance.

Dating Naked 1


“It is the end of the world as we know it and I feel Fine”


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Ok, my life is not as dramatic as a R.E.M song but I have had a lot of changes lately. (I hate change. It stresses me out. ) My temp job ended and I’m looking for a new job. I moved out of where I was living and now I have a new roommate. (I am glad because no one wants to be living in an episode of Animal Hoarders.) I feel like everything in my life is up in the air and temporary. It is like in the past 6 months everything had been going downhill.  It is kind of depressing but I have been trying to focus on the things that I am grateful for like I have a car and I’m in decent health. I’m trying to be positive about things but I feel lost. So I thought I would make a list of goal to somewhat center myself. (Ok, this is more of a wish list than a list of goals but whatever.)


  1. Get a Job. Being unemployed sucks. I would like to be a legal assistant for a lawyer that specializes in Social Security Disability cases. I use to do this at a personal injury firm and I liked it. Social Security is federal so it does change much from firm to firm even if they are in different states. If I could wave a magic wand, I would manage the social media accounts and write a blog for a beauty brand like Benefit, Tarte or Too Faced. (Unfortunately I believe they are looking for someone semi- literate for these types of positions.)


  1. Deflate my bed and go. About a year ago a psychic told me that I always live within 300 miles of my mom. I don’t put a lot of stock into what psychics say but I hope that is not true. I love my mom but I don’t want to spend my whole life in the Carolinas.


  1. Let it go. I have made a lot of mistakes that have lead me to where I am now but the one that I regret the most is that I hurt someone I really cared about. I have been beating myself up over things that I did three years ago. I have to accept that I no matter what I do or how many times I apologize ,it won’t change anything. All I can do is learn from my mistakes and move forward which is easier said than done.


  1. Let go of the anger and the hurt.
    1. I have never had a great relationship with my Dad but over the past year it has gotten worse. In November 2012 my step mother passed away. My dad started dating this woman, Meryl, while his wife was in the hospital dying shortly after her passing and she had put a wedge between my dad and my sister and I.
  • To talk to my Dad, I have to go through her. If I call my dad she will answer or if I call and leave a message on my Dad’s phone, she will call me back. One time I finally got to talk to my dad and we were joking around. I made a joke about him being old and he laughed. We finished the conversation and I thought everything was fine. A few minutes later I got a text from Meryl that said “Next time when you call your Dad, he is not going to pick up.” I called him back and texted him, he did not respond.
  • Meryl’s 30 year old daughter stole movie tickets that I had gotten from work, out of my room. My dad said that it was just a misunderstanding. (Finders keepers apply when you find a $20 dollar bill in a Target parking lot. When you go into someone’s bedroom without their permission and take something off their dresser that is just stealing. I never got my movie tickets back.
  • Meryl told me that neither my sister nor I could attend their wedding because her daughter is in Guam. (But her other children can go?)
  • Neither Meryl nor my dad supports any of my goals. (My biggest hater is myself; I don’t need their help.)

At this point, I have not talked to my dad in over two months. (He has talked to my sister so I know he is ok.) It hurts me that my Dad does not want to have a relationship with me but as Taylor Swift would say I am going to “shake it off” because the only person that it is hurting is me.


  1. Get back on the bandwagon. Since I have started blogging, I have talked about wanting to get my health back on track. My Mountain Dew intake has gone up exponentially and I have been eating a lot of treats. I need to work on it.

its alwaysdarkest beforethedawn

When I started out writing this post, I wanted it to be positive and uplifting but it did not come out that way. I am going through a patch right now and I am not good at hiding how I feel.  Sometimes a girl just has to vent. One of my favorite quotes is “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”  I really hope this is true.

My Thoughts on the Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Scandal


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On Sunday, a massive amount of hacked nude celebrity photos were leaked on 4chan by an anonymous user. Allegedly nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Ariana Grande have already hit the web and more continue to come out. There is a list of celebrities that have allegedly been hacked including Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Rihanna floating around. Some celebrities have come out and said that the photos are totally not real and others have owned up to the photos.

perez-hilton-cast-newsical I feel bad for any of the celebrities that have had (alleged) photos leaked. (That would be embarrassing and humiliating.) Although celebrities are public figures that does not give anyone the right to hack into their personal photos and leak them online. It is a huge violation of privacy. If the identity of the hacker is found, I hope that the hacker will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law in order to deter other hackers. Prez Hilton posted a video on his site apologized to Jennifer Lawrence for posting her nude photos on his site. He has taken the photos down and vowed to no longer post “intimate” photos of celebrities. I thought that was really admirable of him especially in his line of work. I hope that other celebrity gossip writers will follow in Prez’s example.


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