My Thoughts on Gone Girl


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****Spoilers Ahead****

I was so excited to see Gone Girl. I read the book on my trip to Minnesota and could not put it down. So Yesterday I went with my co-workers to see the movie after we finished canvassing at a local theater in Concord, New Hampshire. We were a little bit late and walked in on a graphic sex scene. (It was awkward sitting next to my coworkers.)

Book vs Movie

Gone girl was a mind fuck. It followed the book for the most part but I feel like it lacked the psychological warfare between Nick and Amy. In the book Nick falls back in love with Amy through her letters that accompany the clues until he realizes that she was framing him. Then he reached out to her through the reporter and then the TV interview to get Amy to comeback. Then she falls back in love with him. The movie made it seem like Amy saw that one TV interview and automatically fell back in love with him. It was like she forgot that he cheated on her and that she spent a year planning to frame Nick for her murder. (To be fair Amy was crazy, so I guess it does not have to make sense.)


The Cast

I thought Amy was cast really well. She lived up to the exception I had of Amy from the book. She is really good at crazy. I also loved Neil Patrick Harris as Desi. Just the right balance of creepy and weird.  He is truly a chameleon and such a versatile actor. (I’m sad he had such a bloody death.) Ben Affleck was good too.

The Ending

I was not surprised by the ending because I read the book but when I read the book I thought he had killed her. I could not believe that she was setting him up. She was a sociopath. Then she killed poor Desi to set him up her kidnapping her so she could get back to her old life. Then in the end she gets Nick to staying with her by getting pregnant will his baby.

Final Thoughts

I would give this movie four out of five box cutters. If you love psychological thrillers, suspense and NPH, you will love this movie.

What It is Like Being a Republican Canvasser


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I have not written a blog post in a while.( I can’t believe this is my 100th post!) Mostly because I have been crazy busy. I have been working 11 hours a day for the past 10 days. The election is so close in New Hampshire. Every vote literally matters. (So if you live in New Hampshire get out and vote.) Senator John McCain stayed at the Resident’s inn across the street from my hotel. I was so excited. Unfortunately I did not get to meet him.



In New Hampshire, I am canvassing for the Republican Party. I work on a team with two guys I like to call them the brothers. (They really are brothers.) The brothers are both married and in their 40’s. We are assigned a walk book that we access on an app on our phones with names and addresses of registered Republican and unaffiliated voters. We go to their homes and knock on their door. If they answer we asked them if the Republican Party can count on their vote and record their response on the app. If they don’t respond we leave a door tag on their door and note it in the app. It sounds like I’m a solicitor but I am technically not selling anything. (I feel like a solicitor but I have to pay rent somehow.) Some houses we don’t go to, like if there is a sign that says” Don’t beware of dog, beware of owner “or “There are two ways to talk to God, through pray and trespassing”. Pretty much any house with a sign with a gun on it I avoid like the plague. Getting shot would really ruin my day. Most people are polite but some are not. It is just the nature of the job. I am very tired. I can’t wait to go home.

New Hampshire Campaign Dairies


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I have worked over 44 hours in the past four days on this campaign. I am exhausted and I have another 11 hour day ahead of me tomorrow and the next fourteen days after that. Canvassing is simple. I am in a group with two brothers in their 40’s.  All I have to do is knock on people’s doors and ask them if the Republican Party can count on their vote but it involves a lot of walking. It does not help that most of New Hampshire is rural.  Most people are nice and some are not.  Today was the worst canvassing day so far. I felt terrible bothering people on Sunday. (We have to start knocking on doors at 9AM.) Today a lot of people were irritated and just wanted us to leave. I don’t blame them but it was rough after a while. I wish I was not struggling to much to get a good job. I can’t wait to go home. 14 days to go…..


Do I want kids?


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I’m sitting on a plane now on my way to Boston where I will drive to New Hampshire. I’m making causal conservation with my co workers about their wives and kids. Awing at pictures of their kids. Sometimes I am sad I don’t have my own family , but to be fair, I am not married or even dating anyone. ( I am such a dating disaster that I give Taylor Swift a run for her money) I sometimes worry that it will never happen for me. I guess a family is just not in the cards for me right now.

I don’t even know it I want kids. I don’t not like children. It’s just hard to think about when I can barely support myself . I have student loans that I will be paying to rest of my life. Plus I’m kinda crazy. Also I am not sure if my body could carry a human baby. I think that if I was married and my husband and I had stable finances maybe. I really have no idea but I’m only 25, my biological clock is not ticking loudly yet.

Although a family is not in the cards for me now; I’m grateful for all of the things that I have been able to do. I have lived in Sonoma, CA, Charleston, SC and Charlotte, NC. In the past year I have been to D.C, San Diego, St. Paul and now New Hampshire. And the year is not over yet. I have also been on many, many dates and met a lot of interesting people. I don’t know what God has planned for me but I’m just going to enjoy the ride.


It’s a bird, its plane; it’s me up in the air …again.


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photo (14)I’m at the airport again. Two weeks ago, I said I would not get on a plane anytime soon but things changed. You are also probably thinking how a person of “limited means” could travel so much. I said in a previous post that I was canvassing for a political campaign. 48 hours ago, they asked me if I wanted go to New Hampshire to canvass there. It is a tight race there. It would be a pay raise, guaranteed 70 hours a week and all expenses paid. I said hell yes, signed on the line giving up my freedom for the next few weeks until election day and that is how I ended up back at the airport. I’m really excited about it even though it will be stressful.

P.S I will be posting pictures from my trip on my instagram. There is a link on the side bar or my user name is missreigninglorraine.

Roommate’s Boyfriend is Trashed


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I moved a few weeks ago and I do not have the internet. ( shocking I know) I am not able to blog as much as I use to and I’m sorry. I love blogging and It makes me sad that I can’t blog as much as I want. I also got a job canvassing for the North Carolina Republican Party. It’s a temporary job until the election. It is easy and gives me more time to look for a real job. I feel like I’m just getting by.

My roommate got another dog and her boyfriend has been at the house 5 day and counting. Last night when I got home from work, he was laying on the bottom stairs. I asked if he was ok and he grunted at me. Then I told him that I needed to get to my room upstairs. He grunted again and waived me by. I stepped over him and went upstairs. It was awkward. Then I went to my room , grabbed my computer and got out of the hell out of there. I asked if he was ok on the way out and he grunted at me again. I got to my car and was not sure what to do. I called my roommate and told her that I was concerned but it was probably no big deal. Then I went to McDonald to apply for jobs and after about an hour I went home. I drove by and he was still sitting on the stairs. I drove around for about 20 min and went back. He was finally gone. I went inside and just as I was about to run up the stairs to the safely of my room, my roommate called out my name from the kitchen. She told me that she had gotten a new dog. I asked her if her boyfriend was ok. She said he was just drunk and seemed annoyed I had called her.

I’m very frustrated with my living situation. I frustrated looking for a job. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Dating Rock Bottom: The Ultimate Dating Disaster.


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creep  realized as I was sitting on the floor of a Minnesota airport at midnight, watching Anastasia and this man having a nervous breakdown over his luggage that I have hit rock-bottom. How did I end up here, you ask? To make a long story short, I am stupid. But I have time to tell a long story, so here is what happened. About 6 months ago, I went to a marketing convention in California. I met this guy and we got along well. We hung out and exchanged numbers. After the trip, we kept in touch and he wanted to meet up. He offered to fly me out to Minnesota to visit him. (He is the owner and CEO of his marketing company.) I was really hesitant about it but he seemed really nice and I wanted to get to know him better. I thought we shared the same values. I explained him in explicit detail that I would visit to get to know each other better. (NO SEX!)He said that it was fine, he understood and we were on the same page. I agreed to go. A few days before the trip, I reaffirmed that I would have my own room and no obligation for sex.

This morning, I woke up at 6 AM and took a flight from Charlotte to Chicago. Then I took another flight from Chicago to Minneapolis. When he picked me up at 2PM, I wanted to go to the hotel and freshen up. So we went to the hotel and when he checked in, his reservation was for one room with a king size bed. I was really uncomfortable. This was not what we agreed on. I did not want to embarrass him, so I waited until we got to the room to confront him about it. I told him that I did not feel comfortable sleeping in the same bed in the same room. Also that we had talked about this. He said that hotels were expensive in this area and he was lucky to get this hotel room for $92. He then agreed to talk to the staff to fix the situation. He convinced me to get a bit to eat first and then we would get the situation worked out. We ended up going to the Mall of America and ate at a restaurant there. He complained that the mac and cheese was too expensive when I ordered it. We had a good conversation. He drank three beers. I only drank a beer but he kept encouraging me to live a little and drink more. Then we walked around the mall.

He wanted to get another drink. We went into this island themed restaurant and sat at the bar. It started to get a little bit odd. He told me all about The Secret and that like is attracted to like. (I guess that magnets did not get the memo.) He said bad things happen to people because they have negative thoughts. He had three whiskey drinks while we were there. He also told me that Jesus committed suicide, so he come back to life and show everyone he was a boss. Then we left and walked around the mall a little more. I was tired and was ready to leave so, we started walking back to toward the car and he wanted to get another drink. We stopped at an Italian restaurant and sat at the packed bar. The guy beside us had a bread basket and the guy I was with started eating his bread. It was so awkward. The guy seemed weird out and he said sometime about the bread soaking up the alcohol. Then after he wolfed down this guy’s bread he asked the bartender if the bread was free. He ordered a cocktail and struck up a conversation with guy at the bar. Then he chatted away with this guy and drank two glasses of wine. He pretended like I was not there. Then after the guy left, I told him that I was tired and wanted to go back hotel. We got back to the hotel and I asked him again to talk to the hotel staff about the room situation. He first asked if he could switch the room with a room with double beds. The staff said no because we had already been in the room. Then she said that there were no more rooms available.
We went back to the room and I sat in a chair. He said he did not know what the big deal was, we were both adults. I was being immature about it. He was offended that I did not trust him. He said that he was not a millionaire and it was too expensive for me to have my own room and that I owed him for flying me out there. Then he accused me of having an STD and that was the root of the issue. He kept blame me and saying it was my fault. It was obvious he was getting worked up and drunk. I did not argue with him. He went to the hot tub. When he left, I grabbed my stuff and took the stair in case he came back on the elevator and I ran through the lobby. I walked to the next hotel and asked them to call me a cab. The lady felt sorry for me, so she called the hotel shuttle to take me to the airport. The airport was a grave yard when I got there. The staff was leaving. I asked a lady that was leaving if anything was open and she pointed me to the Delta counter. That lady told me to go to the baggage claim area and they could help me. They told me that the ticket counter would help me when they open in the morning. And that is how I ended up where I am now.

I feel mislead. If this guy had such an issue with paying for me to have my own hotel room, he should have told me instead of tell me that I had my own hotel room. I would have gotten my own room. The fact that he was not upfront with me was very off putting. He did not handle the situation likes a gentleman. Although this experience was awful I have grown up a little bit. I do have morals and I don’t let people push me into something I’m not comfortable with.

Forever Pilot Review


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The episode was narrated by the main character Dr. Henry Morgan, played by Ioan Gruffudd. He has a sexy British ascent and is like Sherlock Holmes and picks up on everything. 200 hundred years ago, He was shot on a ship protecting a slave, he died but came back. Every time he dies he comes back naked and in water. He can feel pain. The only person that knows his secret is Abe, a baby that he found during the World War II. He works at the medical examiner’s office in New York.

He was involved in a train crash. He was killed in the crash but comes back. 15 people were killed in the crash including the train conductor. Henry performed the autopsy on the train conductor and determined that it was poison. He then met Detective Jo Martinez, the detective on the case and informed her it was murder not a heart attack. Then he got a mysterious call from an unknown caller that said he knew his secret.

He freaked out over the phone call and wanted to run. Abe convinced him to stay and fight back. Detective Martinez was looking through security footage before the train crash and sees that Henry was on the train. She suspected that he was responsible for the poisoning of the conductor and brought him in for questioning. Detective Martinez quickly realized that he was not involved with the crash. Then Henry got an envelope with no postage and inside was a picture of him and his wife, Abigail from 1955 and a newspaper clipping of the train crash. He comes to the conclusion that whoever send it to him caused the accident to prove that he could not die. He injects the poisoned blood of the train conductor into his blood stream to determine the type of poison.

He determined that it was Aconite poisoning. He found an injection point behind the conductor’s ear and a finger print. Detective Martinez ran the print and found out it belong to Hans Koehler. She and Henry go to Han’s house and found poisoned rats, Aconite plants and a lab. Hans found them snooping around his place and threw Aconite poison on Detective Martinez’s hand to get away. Henry poured ethanol on the poison and lit it on fire. He put it out in water, saving her life. The police investigated the scene and realized that Hans caused the crash because the conductor killed his wife at Grand Central Station. Henry determined that his next target was Grand Central Station and that Hans was planning to make the Aconite soluble to put it in the AC system. Detective Martinez and Henry got to Hans just in time. Hans shot Detective Martinez. Henry and Hans struggled over the gun and then Hans shot Henry. While Henry was dying he pushes Hans off the roof. They both fell to the ground and died. Detective Martinez woke up in the hospital and saw Henry unharmed. He told her the Hans had committed suicide and jumped off the roof. Then the mysterious caller called and told Henry that he also lives forever and hangs up.

Thoughts: I watch a lot of crime shows and I think compare to the other crime shows out there, this one is mediocre at best. That being said it was only the pilot. There are a lot of successful shows that have mediocre first seasons and keep getting better in later seasons. My favorite example is  Dynasty, season one was good but it did not become an obsession until Joan Collins joined the show in season 2. On the other hand  if the first season is a home run and it is all downhill from there until it is canceled. Example: I loved season one of The O.C but it slowly got worse after that. Hopefully Forever will follow in Dynasty‘s footsteps.

It is interesting that he lives forever but not a vampire or something. (He could be I don’t know.) I think that this show has the potential to be really good but the first episode did not blow me away. Hopefully the case in the next episode will be more interesting. I may watch it if a rerun of The Big Bang Theory is not on.

R.I.P Orange Cat


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When I moved in with my old roommate, she had two cats. Brown cat and Orange cat. ( They had real named but these were my nickname for them.) I was not crazy about them at first but them grew on me. Orange cat was always curious and liked to get in to everything especially my food. He liked to sit on top of the sofa and look out of the window. He was a sweet and loving cat. He loved attention. Orange cat recently was put down due to his health conditions. Orange cat, I love you and miss you. R.I.P Orange cat. IMG_1540-0.JPG


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