Dating Naked Episode 107 Recap


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Last night’s episode of Dating Naked featured AJ and Liddy. AJ was a 30 year old Pro wrestler. (AJ reminded me of a busted up version of Channing Tatum.) Liddy was from Oakland, CA and in sales. Their first date was with each other and they started out the date with naked cartwheels. They went on a banana boat ride. Then they have a romantic dinner and decided they were not a match.

Dating Naked Pole DancingAJ’s second date was with Meg. Meg use to work at a strip club. Meg’s implants were so big she could have floated the Titanic. They went naked horseback riding and talked about her broken engagement. Liddy’s second date was with Joe. Joe was really pale and a chunky monkey. (Libby was not thrilled as AJ was to meet Meg.) They went on a treasure hunt and Libby hates it. She began to reconsider AJ. Back at the villa the singles hung out and Libby did a sexy pole dance to impress AJ. AJ decided to stick with Meg and they spent the night together. Joe tried to spend the night with Liddy and it was so awkward when she explains to him that it is not going to happen.

Sliding-1409262821AJ’s third date was with Xandra. They played beer pong. They made out on the date. (It was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen.) Liddy’s third date was with Steve. (He was more Liddy’s type.) They went on a slip and slide. (He was a frat boy and came across like a jerk.)Then all the singles met back at the juggle villa. AJ and Liddy reassessed their connecting and they kissed. Then it was decision time. AJ picked Liddy. Liddy picked AJ.

Daily Thoughts


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pintestI was on Pinterest looking at quotes and I thought I would share this one. Right now everything in my life is up in the air and it feels like everything is out of my control. I have been extremely unhappy. I was telling my mom and then she said to me “You have such a bad attitude”. She was right. Attitude is half the battle and when you have a negative attitude it is almost impossible to be happy. You can’t always change the situation but you can change your attitude about the situation. (It’s hard but do able) I am really trying to make a conscious effort to be more positive.

What is your favorite quote?

Naked Dating Episode 6


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naked dating episode6

Goodies and Gum drops, VH1 has gifted us with another episode of Naked Dating. This is my favorite episode so far. This has everything that I love about the show drama, crazy people and cringe worthy moments at in one episode.
This episode focused on Greg and Ashley. Greg was from California and was a former professional fighter. Ashley was from Denver, Colorado and was an artist that wanted to open a therapy art studio. She was definitely a hippy. She had this headband thing around her head like Pocahontas and a septum piercing. Their first date was with each other. (I knew before the date it was most likely not going to be a match.) On their date they did art projects. They drew pictures of each other. It was right up Ashley’s ally but Greg was not in to it at all. (His drawing looked like a blind folded kindergartner drew it.) Then they broke plates and made sculptors. (Braking plates is another thing that I would not want to do naked.) It was really obvious that there was no romantic connection on the date. The dated ended with a friendly hug good night.

Greg’s second date was with Angelica. Angelica said she was a virgin and extremely uncomfortable about being naked and seeing naked Greg. Reluctantly Ashley agreed to go on the date. They went on a boat ride and Angelica threw up many times over the side of the boat. (Not a very romantic date) Ashley’s second date was with Alik. (He looked like a tattooed Enrique Iglesias.) He was a spiritual teacher and sexual healer. (I wonder how someone gets in to that profession.) He taught her how to surf. Then they sat and talk. He explained what a sexual healer does and Ashley was into it. Unfortunately He said that he not want a committed relationship. (Ashley did not like that.) Back at the villa the daters were hangout and Angelia showed up late. She told the group that she had decided to leave the show because she was uncomfortable being naked. (I respect her decision but it’s called Naked Dating. She said had never seen a naked man before so on national TV is a good time? She did not think that would be awkward?) Later Ashley and Alik hooked up that night.

Ashley’s third date was with JR. (He was Ashley’s type and designed his tattoos.) They went on a walk through the rain forest .Back at the villa they kissed. Greg’s third date was with Tess. They had a meal in the water. They had a great conversation and Tess got his sense of humor. After the dates, the daters went back to the villa. Ashley was torn between JR and Alik. Then Ashley and JR got in to a tiff when he used the Bitch word in a negative way but they worked it out. Greg picked Tess. (duh) Ashley picked Alika. Then at the end VH1 announced that Ashley and Alika are getting married and the VH1 special will be on September 18! (I am so excited. I can’t wait to watch it.)

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Review


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Lately I have been obsessed with my lashes. I bought a pair of Elf natural lashes on a whim at Target one day. At first I did not like the glue and it felt like there were bat wings on my eyes but I loved the look of crazy dramatic lashes. (I felt like Beyoncé.) I tried some different lashes and I quickly became obsessed but I can’t afford to wear false eye lashes every day. (Only one of the many reasons I wish I was Beyoncé.)

So I went to Ulta to see what I could find. (Curse Ulta, I can’t just walk in there and buy one thing. I really need to find a makeup addicts anonymous.) Naturally, I don’t have very long or thick lashes but they are very dark, so I was looking for something to maximize the most out of my lashes. So I looked in the Too Faced section. (Too Face proves you can sell anything with sex included their bestselling mascara Better than Sex.) Ok, so I almost bought it but then bought Better than False Lashes because obviously I wanted the most dramatic lashes possible.

So here is the deal on the Better than False Lashes. It is a nylon lash extension system. It comes with mascara and nylon lash fibers. Basically it is like an Oreo cookie. You apply a coat of mascara and then a coat of the dry fibers. The fibers stick to the wet mascara. Then you seal it with another coat of mascara.


photo (12)

photo (13)After 

photo (11)

My Thoughts


-          It does increases the volume and length of my lashes

-          Easy to use and not as much of a hassle as false eyelashes.

-          Cheaper than false eyelashes.


-          I don’t like that the nylon fibers are white. I wish they were black.

-          The mascara is not waterproof. (I was only wearing the mascara five      minutes and it started to migrate.)

-          The nylon fibers transfer to the mascara wand.

Bottom line: I like to use the nylon fibers with my waterproof mascara and I like the way that it looks but it is by no means better than false eyelashes. I don’t like the mascara at all. I think next thing I will just buy the nylon fibers in black.

Striking Out: Failing at Dating


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I went on two dates last week and neither went well at all. I don’t know what is wrong with me but I have just been striking out on my dates recently. On the first date, we went to a tapas restaurant. He was from Mexico and worked for Microsoft. (In the first email that he sent to me he asked me if I would be interested in a green card marriage.) I was a little bit late (due to the fact that I am a terrible driver and have trouble getting anywhere even with GPS.) We had not sat down 5 minutes and I was doing all of the talking. I would ask him questions and he would give me one word answers. (It was kind of like talking to a wall.)  He was on his phone a lot. It was awkward. Then when I got home, he texted me and said “I had a great time. I hope we could do it again soon.” I have not heard from him since.


( At least I got a glass of wine out of it.)

I went on a date to the Wine Loft just get a drink (easier to escape if it goes bad.)  He was a 40 year old guy that worked with computers. He was nice and we chatted. (Again I had to do most of the talking.) Then at the end of the date he asked me for my phone number so we could get together again.) I have not heard from him since.

If a guy is not interested in me that is fine but why waste my time or say they want to get together again.


Sunday Reflections: EMS, Yes Man and The Naked Truth


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Recently I have started going to church again. (If you have read any of my previous post you know I need to get right with Jesus.) I have been going to the same Methodist church on and off since the 6th grade. My Mom and step dad actually met at the church. So I started going again 3 weeks ago and last week the pastor, Talbot started a series of messages called trending. The theme of the series is evaluating your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Talbot is a great speaker an interesting guy. He went to Princeton on a tennis scholarship and speaks fluent Spanish. So last week during the first message a special needs boy had a seizure. (If I had a medical emergency ideally I would be in a hospital but my second choice would be church.) Talbot was calm and cool as a cucumber. Several medical professionals at the service assisted the boy until the EMT’s arrived and Talbot lead everyone in pray until the boy was taken away by EMT’s on a stretcher. Then Talbot related that incident back to the message. It was crazy but luckily the boy was ok.


So this week the message was titled “Yes Man” based on Proverbs 15:31-32.

(31) Whoever heeds life-giving correction will be at  home among the wise.

(32) Those who disregard discipline despise themselves, but the one who heeds correction gains understanding.

Talbot called Proverbs the advice section of the bible. (It is kind of like Dear Abby for everyday problems.) A yes man is a person that agrees with everything a person says. Everyone has an inter yes man that justifies their own behavior. It is important to have people in your life that can tell you the hard truth and not just agree with every scatterbrained idea that pops into your head. We are the masters of self-deception and if we don’t check our “yes man” than we will have many regrets.


I think that this is so true. I know there is a crazy person that lives inside me that justifies my makeup addiction every time I go to Ulta. I have a lot of hair brained ideas and it is so easy for me to justify these ideas to myself. Usually this just leads to heartbreak and regrets. I don’t want to live a life full of regrets and I want to be a better person. I am planning to join a life group at my church and surround myself with more positive influences.

Naked Dating Episode 5


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canaces and mike

Last night’s episode of Naked Dating was entertaining was usual yet somehow managed to lower the bar. If online dating does not work out for me there is always  Dating Naked. The show focused around Mike and Candace. Mike was a 27year old (sexy) account from Long Island, New York. Candace was a 27 year old bartender from Post Falls, Idaho. She liked to shot guns and hunt. In usual Dating Naked fashion, their first date was with each other. Their date was a jungle obstacle course with zip lining. (Again, something I would not want to do naked.) After the date they went back to the villa and had a meal together. They have a great connection and made out in the pool.

katie 2

On date number two, Mike went out with Diana from New Jersey. She laughed a lot and loved the Jersey Shore. They played croquet and had tea. Diane thought that Mike was “the one” which was really awkward because he could not wait to get away from her. Candace went out with JD. He was a fire fighter from Los Angeles. For their date they went on a naked bike ride around the island. (That seems like it would be uncomfortable.) Then they had drinks on the beach and he put all his cards on the table. (Candace was not really sure what card game they were playing but felt no connection.) Back at the Villa it was fun with the two crazies.  Mike and Candace wanted to spend time with each other and had no interest in the other dates. They were able to get away from their dates .They hung out in a hammock, had a deep conversation and made out. Back at the house Diane was drunk and had a breakdown because Mike ditched her. (I think she is giving crazy Katie a run for her money as my favorite person on the show.)  Then her eye makeup was all over her face and she looked like a raccoon. (She should have gone with waterproof mascara.)


Mike went on this third date with Amber. She looked like a model.  They had a flirty massage date. Amber tells him on the date that she had a boyfriend and they broke up.  She was a lesbian for four year after the breakup and now she is dating guys. She dates a lot and has even met a date at a stoplight. (That sounds dangerous.)  Candace went on her third date with Marcus.  They built and flew a kite on their date. Then they danced naked in the water and Candace was swept off her feet. Back at the villa both Mike and Candace were torn between each other and their third date.  Then Candace gave Mike “the look” for him to meet her and she left. Diane got drunk and told Amber that Mike had ditched her the night before to spend time with Candace. Amber egged her on and she and Mike had a confrontation. In the meantime, Candace was tired of waiting for Mike and Marcus used the opportunity to spend some alone time with Candace. They made out.  Mike finally got away Diane and when to find Candace but she was with Marcus. (Scandalous) Then it was time to choose. Mike picked Candace because he thought they had a real connection. Candace picked Marcus because Mike left her hanging.

What did you think of this episode of Naked Dating?

Things that Bother Me: Just Rude or a Northern Thing?


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Hey Guys! I thought that I would do something a little different today and make a video. I went on a date tonight so I had my makeup and hair done. (I’ll write about it later.) Just thought I would go something different. Yes, I make a lot of weird expressions and crazy eyes.

Robin Williams Has Died + My Thoughts on Depression


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Yesterday Robin Williams was found dead in his home. The official cause of death is asphyxia by hanging. He was battling severe depression before his death. He was only 63.

I remember growing up watching Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji and Hook. Robin Williams was a part of my childhood. He was extremely talented and his movies touched many people. He left this world too soon and will be missed. I hope he rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

My Thoughts on depression

lana de ray ride


I think as a society we trivialize mental health. Now it seem like everyone has anxiety and depression and doctor’s handout anti-anxiety medication like its candy. It is trendy. People throw the word depression like it is nothing like “My sandwich is stale. I’m depressed” No you are sad. When I worked at a law firm in the Social Security department 18 year olds would call up and ask for assistant with getting disability for their depression. Then I would ask some basic screening questions like have you been diagnosed by a doctor, are you on any medications for mental health and does it interfere with your life. 9 times out of 10 all of the answers are no. People like this make mental health look like a joke.

Many people think that someone with depression should “get over it”, go to therapy and get medication. Medication is not some magic pill that turns you into a Disney character. It is not that is simple. Depression is an ongoing battle that is an everyday struggle even with medication and therapy. No one chooses to have a mental illness so telling someone to get over it is just cruel. Depression is a disease like diabetes. So if you know someone that has struggles with ongoing depression and is in therapy and on medication be supportive and not a judgmental prick. (Trust me you are not helping)  If you are someone that is struggling with ongoing depression even though you have been on every anti-depressant under the sun and therapy, you are not alone. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers every day.

Dating Disaster: I am Really Off my Game


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americas-next-top-model-antm-awkward-gifI am back in the dating game and it is not going well. I decided to step up my game from Plenty of Fish to hoping that if people are willing to spend money to join then they would be more serious about finding a relationship. I joined and did not get much of a response. Slowly after a little while I started to get a few messages.I got an email proposing marriage so the guy could get a green card. (Wow, I can’t believe my love life has been reduced to a green card marriage.) Well, anyway hard pass on that. (I am not that desperate)


Last night I went out on a date with a guy that I meet on He was a 31 year old lawyer. (I use to work at a law firm and all of the lawyers were crazy, so I was a little skeptical but he was cute.) We meet at 7:15 PM at Thai Taste. We sat down. After we had only been sitting maybe 2 minutes he told me that drank every night since Wednesday and that tonight he wanted to call it an early night. Then he ordered a beer. (I thought to myself wow what I did in in less than 5 minutes that this guy can’t wait to get away from me as soon as possible.) We ordered our food quickly and started chatting about basic get to know you stuff. I mentioned that I liked listen to podcast when I run. He asked me which ones I liked to listen to and I said I liked to listen to Dave Ramsey. He then said” That’s weird. All of those financial gurus are quacks.” (I guess wanting to be debt free is crazy talk.) Our food arrived and we ate in silent. Then we got the check and left before 8:00 PM. I spent over an hour doing my hair and makeup and getting ready for the date and it was less than 45 minutes. I think this is the worst first date that I have ever had. There is definitely not going to be a second date.


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